Harkat co-working space is no longer operational

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our raison d'être

Harkat offers a complete office (no longer a dirty word, the way we do it) cum living-room experience to freelancers from all fields.

Yes you’re a freelancer, no you don’t need to go to office, there is no 9-5 for you.

But working from home is often code for time spent answering the doorbell, organising your shelf, stalking random people on Facebook, examining the contents of your fridge, deciding to go on a grocery run.

So you decide to work from a cafe because you are tired of your own company. You find yourself confined to a tiny coffee shop table forced to drink endless cups of overpriced coffee.

The struggle of a freelancer: Lots of distraction, no stimulation.

And all you wanted was to be productive. Yes, we know, going to an office would totally kill your vibe (it would kill ours, too). This is NOT an office. It is a haven of creative productivity. It is our co-working space in Mumbai which has just opened its doors in the creative hub of Versova.

Experience the joy of your own workspace!

Harkat, studio in mumbai

The Harkat space has been carefully curated. With splashes of colours, furniture made of salvaged antiques and repurposed material and creating different spaces in one open office. It’s like a working living room.

Ram, our dear office boy makes fabulous coffee and chai – and serves it with a smile and a cookie (better than a real coffee shop).
He also runs errands for you if you have a hard drive to be delivered, a package to be picked up, or if you are in desperate need of a huge bunch of candy.